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East Bay MUD Uses Custom Valve, Reduces Water Pressure and Gains Surge Protection

By Mark Gimson on Aug 26, 2014 7:30:00 AM

As an engineer, your day-to-day responsibilities often include staying up to date on best-in-class applications and specifications. But whether you’re charged with designing a water treatment facility or pump station, or simply supervising an existing system, the equipment you select must be vetted. This is generally a challenge for engineers because many companies are vying to have their products deemed as the best solution, yet visibility into those claims is often limited.

The best way to demonstrate the true value of a product or solution is to test it in the field or observe its capabilities through a successful project. Additionally, once you’ve selected what you deem as the best solution for your specific needs, you have to build a business case that demonstrates to your stakeholders that this solution is the most efficient, effective and easy to support and service. 

The following project demonstrates how one water district took initiative and implemented a solution that transformed the performance of its water system. 


Topics: water protection, custom valves, Surge Protection, east bay mud

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