Pump Control

106 / 206-HC

Hydraulic Check Valve

  • Drip-tight seat
  • Independently adjustable opening and closing speed controls

The 106-HC and 206-HC hydraulic check valves are based on the 106-PG or 206-PG main valve. The valve functions as a two position valve - either fully open or fully closed.

The HC allows one way flow only. Under normal forward flow, the valve opens as the higher inlet pressure lifts the inner valve assembly and the fluid in the upper chamber is discharged to the lower pressure, downstream side of the valve.

When pressure is reversed, the now higher downstream pressure is applied to the upper operating chamber as flow reversal occurs. The diaphragm / inner valve assembly moves down and the valve closes tightly.


  • The valve shall be a Singer Valve model 106-HC / 206-HC, size “_____”, ANSI Class 150 (ANSI 300, ANSI flanges drilled to ISO PN 10 / 16 / 25 or 40) pressure rating / flange standard, globe (angle), style valve. The Opening Speed Control shall be adjusted in the field to allow for slow opening. Closing speed should be field adjusted to permit slow closing after allowing surges through the valve and back to the source preventing damage (check with pump supplier to determine if backflow through pump is acceptable). Assembly shall be according to Schematic A-0422D.
  • The valve shall open for normal direction of flow and close to prevent reverse flow. Opening and closing speeds shall be individually adjusted to prevent surges. The valve shall be installed allowing for flow over the seat (flow is in the opposite direction through the valve as compared to other standard function categories).
  • Refer to Main Valve section, page 11, 106-PG / 206-PG for detailed information pertaining to valve sizes and materials, selection criteria and specifications.
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