Singer PRV Reduces Malaysia's Water Loss

Singer PRV Reduces Malaysia's Water Loss


State of Johor

Their Challenge
In Malaysia’s southern state of Johor, SAJ Holdings is responsible for sourcing raw water as well as the treatment and distribution of potable water. With an average water leakage rate of 30 per cent, SAJ Holdings wanted to find a way to reduce nighttime pressures, thus reducing leakage and major line breaks.

Our Solution
Reducing leaks in some areas, however, required more than a standard PRV. Having the ability to accurately control both daytime and nighttime pressures was an important element of the application. Working with Ranhill Water Services, the state’s water utility consultant, Singer Valve achieved that by customizing a standard PRV with two pilots—one set for daytime pressure and one set for nighttime pressure—and a latching solenoid equipped with a battery-operated timer.  “Instead of controlling the pressure based on flow requirement,” says Brad Clarke, Singer Valve’s general sales manager, “this application controls pressure via a timing device.” 

The Result
Within two years, more than 50 units of the Singer PRV with Latching Solenoid Selectable Setpoint were installed throughout the state. As a result, the state of Johor is meeting its pressure management goal because they can accurately control daytime and nighttime pressures and they have reduced their water loss.