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About Singer

about-singer-valveSinger designs and manufactures automatic control valves for the global water industry. Since 1957, our pilot operated diaphragm control valves have been installed on virtually every continent around the world. Whether it is water loss management in Southeast Asia, water conservation concerns in Saudi Arabia or urban distribution demands in the United States, we provide water management solutions to governments, cities, companies and contractors around the world.

Many of our innovative products are ones that have been born out of our inherent desire to solve an application challenge. Presented with a problem, our team of electronic, instrumentation and control valve specialists are relentless in their research and design until they find a solution. Some of our innovative products include:

Our Vision
To be the preferred provider of the most innovative, reliable water control solutions in the world

Our Mission
We are innovative designers and manufacturers of high quality differentiated control valves with excellent technical support and service to our customers

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