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Singer Valve History

In 1957, Ernst Singer developed a small domestic regulator for water systems and began conducting business as Singer Valve. To protect its source of regulators, a Vancouver company purchased Singer Valve a few years later. As a result, Singer Valve grew, increasing its product line and expanding its market.

In 1986, Singer Valve was purchased by its current owners. Our product line was streamlined to focus on our core expertise—automatic control valves.

Today, we are a leader in the water industry, designing and manufacturing automatic control valves that are distributed and installed around the world.


1984   Singer Valve focuses on automatic control valves

1986   Brian Blann purchases Singer Valve Inc

1986   Developed anti-cavitation technology

1994   Established Singer Valve Malaysia

1998   Large sized valves converted from double-rolling
           diaphragm to single rolling diaphragm technology

2004   Established Singer Valve in United Arab Emirates

2007   Singer Valve celebrates 50 years of business

2009   Established Singer Valve in USA (beginning in North Carolina)

2009   Andrew Taylor joins Singer Valve as president

2011   Singer Valve launches new corporate website

2013   Singer Valve opens manufacturing plant in Taicang, China